Blog - Tabletop Scotland Recap

It's been a while since this blog was updated... so here we are!

Here's Calum working on his waving technique.

Here's Calum working on his waving technique.

Last weekend we spent our time showing off Motora at the inaugural Tabletop Scotland Event.  It was a totally different beast from running events at Gencon but it was a pleasure to meet and show Motora to so many people! 


We had players from all over Scotland and beyond trying to gather the idols and save their tribes. On the Sunday we had our demo copy on a Geek n Son table which only enhanced the game. 

Now it's just a month until the Kickstarter launch and then Spiel in Germany! 

We might have been away from the blogs and updates for a while but prepare for a deluge of updates leading into October!

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